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Tackling Bandwidth Challenges: HDMI and USB C PD Ethernet Hub for 4K 60Hz

by MoMo 16 May 2024
Tackling Bandwidth Challenges: HDMI and USB C PD Ethernet Hub for 4K 60Hz
  • What are the functions of HDMI 4K 60Hz?
  • The role of USB-C PD Ethernet hub
  • Key Features of Dockteck 7-in-1 USB-C PD Ethernet Hub
  • Practical considerations
  • conclusion

    With the iterative update of technology, achieving higher resolution and smoother frame rate has become the core pursuit of many users. As a key component in this process, HDMI has attracted special attention for its ability to support 60Hz 4K resolution. However, to take full advantage of this capability, an efficient connectivity solution is essential. This is where the USB-C PD Ethernet hub comes into play. In this article, we’ll dive into the technical details of HDMI 4K@60Hz and explain how Dockteck’s 7-in-1 USB-C PD Ethernet hub can enhance connectivity for high-resolution displays.

    What are the functions of HDMI 4K 60Hz?

    HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface, is a widely used technical standard for transmitting high-definition video and audio. It can support 60Hz 4K resolution. This milestone breakthrough brings users a more realistic and delicate visual experience. But the question also arises: Can HDMI Support 4K at 60 Hz?

    The answer depends on the specific HDMI version and supported devices. HDMI 2.0 and its subsequent versions are designed to handle content at 4K@60Hz, providing sufficient bandwidth to transmit high-definition content without delay or quality loss. But to achieve this, you also need compatible equipment and high-quality cables to ensure seamless data transmission.

    The role of USB-C PD Ethernet hub

    While HDMI provides the technical framework for 4K at 60Hz, efficiently connecting and powering devices remains a challenge. This is where the USB-C PD Ethernet hub comes into play. Not only do these hubs expand the connectivity options of a single USB-C port, they also support power delivery and stable internet connections, making them ideal for modern high-resolution setups.

    Key Features of Dockteck 7-in-1 USB-C PD Ethernet Hub

    4K@60Hz HDMI output: The hub’s HDMI port supports 4K resolution at 60Hz, allowing users to mirror or extend screen content to an external display with stunning clarity and smoothness. This feature is critical for tasks that require high-definition visuals, such as gaming, video editing, and professional presentations.

    100W PD charging: Dockteck’s hub has a 100W power supply port to ensure that your USB-C devices can still stay charged when connected to multiple peripherals. This constant power supply is critical to maintaining high productivity during heavy tasks.

    1Gbps Ethernet connection: Built-in 1Gbps RJ45 Ethernet port provides a stable, high-speed Internet connection that is generally more reliable than wireless networks. This is especially beneficial for activities that require stable network access, such as online gaming and streaming.

    Ultra-high-speed data transfer: Equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, supporting data transfer rates up to 5GB/s, making file transfers fast and efficient. In addition, the SD and TF card slots support read and write speeds of up to 104MB/s, making it ideal for users such as photographers and content creators who need to quickly transfer large files.

    Wide compatibility: Dockteck’s hub design is compatible with a variety of devices, including MacBook Air/Pro, iPad Pro, Surface Pro, etc. This broad compatibility ensures users can easily connect their devices without worrying about compatibility issues.

    Practical considerations

    When using Dockteck’s 7-in-1 USB-C PD Ethernet Hub, make sure the connected device supports DP Alt mode, data transfer, and charging functions. Additionally, to achieve 4K resolution at 60Hz, the device and HDMI cable must support the same resolution.
    For best performance, please use a charger with a power of more than 45W and supports PD fast charging protocol. This ensures that the hub and connected devices operate efficiently and avoids power interruptions.


    HDMI's ability to deliver 4K resolution at 60Hz, combined with the enhanced connectivity provided by the USB-C PD Ethernet hub, marks a major breakthrough in display technology. Dockteck’s 7-in-1 USB-C PD Ethernet Hub is the embodiment of this synergy, providing a compact and powerful solution to modern connectivity challenges. By integrating the high-definition capabilities of HDMI with powerful power delivery and data transfer options, Dockteck's hubs ensure users can realize the full potential of their high-resolution displays.


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