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ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - Dockteck Thunderbolt 3 docking station can unleash the full potential of your computer’s Thunderbolt 3 interface. This computer docking station with a detachable thunderbolt 3 cable can extend your Windows PC or Mac working space to dual 4K@60Hz displays, USB devices, wired Gigabit Internet and audio, suitable for laptops and desktops
11 PORTS - 120W DC power port (bypass 60W to host); Thunderbolt3 port 1 (near DC) for TB3 / USB-C host; Thunderbolt3 port 2; DisplayPort 1.4; Ethernet (10/100/1000Mbps); SD and micro SD card UHS:II (can work simultaneously); 3.5mm audio (headphone & microphone); Type-C Gen 2; 2 * USB A 3.2 Gen 2.
DUAL 4K@60HZ OR SINGLE 8K@30HZ -When working on Thunderbolt 3 host: Support dual 4K@60Hz displays, single 8K@30Hz, single 5K@60Hz via DP1.4 and Thunderbolt 3 port 2. Our dock doesn’t have HDMI port, so please connect HDMI monitor by using a USB C to HDMI or active DP to HDMI cable. When working on USB C host with DP Alt Mode: support single max 4K@60Hz video via DP1.4 port
10GBPS DATA SPEED - Type-C and 2 USB A ports supports USB 3.2 Gen2, with which the maximum data transmission can reach 10Gbps (2X faster than regular USB 3.0), and device charging (5V/1.5A over Type-C and one USB A port, 5V/900mA over another USB A port). SD and TF card support UHS-II, max 312MB/s data transfer rate.
IN THE BOX - Dockteck Thunderbolt 3 Dock; Power Adapter; Power Cable; 1.6ft 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 Cable; User Manual. We suggest you toread below “Technical Specification” for User Manual carefully before using.

Product Description

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Dual 4k @ 60HZ for Thunderbolt 3 PC: 4K @ 60HZ via the Thunderbolt 3 connection + 4K @ 60HZ via DP connection DP to HDMI / DVI

When using the DP port to connect an HDMI / DVI monitor, we need an active DisplayPort to HDMI / DVI adapter or cable. If it is not active, it is not compatible.

Dual monitors are not supported

Not all computers support dual monitors over Thunderbolt 3 (like the Lenovo Yoga 720).

The MacBook with the new M1 chip can only be connected to a single monitor. This is limited by the computer hardware.

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Ultra-fast Transmission Speed

When connected to a Thunderbolt 3 mobile hard drive through the Thunderbolt 3 port, you will get ultra-fast transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps.

When you use SD and micro SD card slots, you will get up to 312MB/s to quickly transfer pictures and other media files.

You can also transfer your favorite movies, photos and music at speeds up to 10 Gbit/s via USB-C and two USB-A.

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More and Faster Power Supply

Use the power adapter to charge your laptop directly with up to 60W, which guarantees the full functionality of all docking station connections.

You can charge your phone at the same time using the Thunderbolt 3 (15 W), Type C and 1 USB A ports provide max 5V/1.5A downstream charging.USB-C (7.5 W) or USB A (7.5 W) port.

Install Your Dock

1. Plug one end of the power adapter into the DC port of the Thunderbolt docking station, and plug the other end into the power outlet;

2. Use the TBT 3 cable to connect the TBT 3 port (with a computer icon) on the docking station to the Thunderbolt 3 port on the computer .

3.The included Thunderbolt 3 cable supports max 40Gbps bandwidth; If the cable is lost, please purchase a similar 40Gbps TB3 cable. (For USB-C host, 10Gbps USB-C cable is ok)

Ways to check if this Thunderbolt 3 dock is compatible with your computer

This thunderbolt 3 dock is only suitable for laptops with Thunderbolt 3 ports or USB-C that support Display Port Alt Mode and power supply.

You can verify that the computer's USB-C port meets the requirements by reading the computer user's guide or contacting the computer manufacturer.

Compatible devices (not a complete list)

MacOs System

MacBook Air 2020 / 2019 / 2018 ,

MacBook Pro 2016/2017/2018/2019 ,

Macbook 2016IMac 2017 , Mac mini 2018

Windows System

Dell XPS 9350/9360/9550/9560/9570 ,

Precision 5510/5520/7710/7720 , Inspiration 7000 ,

Latitude 7000/5000ROG GL / G5 / G7 / GX , ZenBook 3 / Pro ,

Transformer 3 ProThinkpad Y720 / T470 / T570 / X270 / X1 ,

Yoga X1/C900/C700HP Spectre x360 ,

HP EliteBook Folio G1 , HP Elite X2Spin 7/5/3 ,

Swift 7/5/3 , Predator 15 / 17Alienware 13 / 15 / 17Samsung Note9

Incompatible devices (Not a complete list)

2015+ MacBook Retina with USB-C port

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Can the second Thunderbolt 3 port on the dock be connected to a second monitor?

Answer: First of all, make sure your device supports dual monitors. Some devices do not support dual monitors. If the device supports two monitors, you can connect the second monitor using this connector.

Question 2: I have confirmed that my device supports dual displays over Thunderbolt 3. What types of monitors can I connect?

Answer: The docking station has a DisplayPort output so that you can connect a DisplayPort monitor. If you want to connect an HDMI monitor, please use a DP to HDMI or Thunderbolt 3 to HDMI adapter. If you connect a DVI or VGA monitor, you still have to use the appropriate adapter.

Question 3: Does the docking station support Linux?

Answer: No, the docking station does not support Linux.

Question 4: How many monitors does the dock support and what is the maximum resolution?

Answer: Single monitor: 8K @ 30Hz or dual monitor: 4K @ 60Hz.

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