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Can I Use Any USB-C Cable for My Steam Deck?

by guipeng 04 May 2023
Can I Use Any USB-C Cable for My Steam Deck?


  1. Understanding USB-C Cables
  2. Identifying the Ideal USB-C Cable for Your Steam Deck
  3. Guidelines for Selecting the Perfect USB-C Cable for Your Steam Deck
  4. Alternative Solutions to USB-C Hub for Steam Deck
  5. Closing Thoughts

Are you a Steam Deck user unsure if you can use any USB-C cable for your needs? Well, look no further! In this article, we'll break down the different types of USB-C cables available and help you decide which one is right for your device. So, if you want to know what kind of cable you need to power up that Steam Deck, keep reading!

The Dock Teck is the mastermind behind the highly awaited handheld gadget, the Steam deck, and the popular gaming platform Steam. This handheld gadget enables you to enjoy gaming with complete access to the Steam library in your pocket. A steam deck is a small gadget bringing major advancements in the gaming industry with its potent hardware, convenient design, and realistic display.

Understanding USB-C Cables

Before we put forward details of whether the usage of a USB-C hub for a steam deck is necessary, it is mandatory to understand why USB-C Cables have been standardized as an essential accessory for every electronic device. USB Type C or USB-C is a universal connecting cable that can supply power and data across various electronic devices. Moreover, due to its reversible and user-friendly design, it can be plugged in either way, thus succeeding its predecessors.

USB-C cables enable faster data and power transfer than the old-fashioned USB standards. Moreover, USB-C is the most popular and widely used for tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets.

Identifying the Ideal USB-C Cable for Your Steam Deck

Even though USB-C hubs for a steam deck are universal and standardized, every cable differs by certain factors. So, when purchasing a USB-C hub for a steam deck, some aspects must be kept in mind:

  • Power Delivery (PD) Capability: It is necessary to ensure the USB-C cable possesses potent power delivery (PD) ability to satisfy the steam deck's optimal charging and powering needs. PD is a specification that permits pliable and faster charging, which is obligatory to meet the steam deck's optimal and demanding power requirements. So, before purchasing, always look out for PD to ensure power flexibility for your device.
  • Data Transfer Speed: USB-C cables come in varied data transfer speeds ranging from 5Gbps to 20 Gbps. A faster data transfer speed is helpful to update your device and easily transfer large files. A steam deck usually depends upon its internal repository for games, but to ensure a smooth experience and faster transfers, choose a high transfer speed data cable.
  • Cable Quality and Durability: The longevity and performance are dependent upon the durability and quality of the USB-C cable. Low-quality and cheap cables restrain power and data transfers which may lead to potential damage to your steam deck. Thus, it is necessary to purchase high-quality USB-C cables from well-known manufacturers to ensure safety from damage.

Guidelines for Selecting the Perfect USB-C Cable for Your Steam Deck

Some tips to enable you to purchase the right USB-C hub for Steam Deck are as under:

  • Check the Cable Specifications: Before purchasing a USB-C cable, the first thing to do is to inspect the specifications to ensure the cable supports fast data transfer speed and Power Delivery. This information is present in the description of the product packaging.
  • Read User Reviews: User reviews are important when purchasing a USB-C cable. Positive feedback and high ratings assure the quality and durability of the cable from users with similar electronic devices.
  • Stick to Reputable Brands: Cheaper cords might save you money but also increase the risk of damage to your device. By purchasing a high-quality cable from a reputable brand, one can easily save money and enjoy risk-free transfers and PD ability in the long run.

Alternative Solutions to USB-C Hub for Steam Deck

In some circumstances, you might want to explore other options for USB-C cable for your Steam Deck. Here are a few options:

  • USB-C Hubs: The primary purpose of a USB-C hub for a steam deck is to expand functionality by providing connectivity options and multiple additional ports to your steam deck. Most of the hubs provide access to power delivery support that enables you to supply power to your device using other peripherals. This can be handy for better visuals when connecting your steam deck to an external display.
  • USB-C Docking Stations: Docking stations are a complete setup for expanding your connectivity and power delivery support. The robustness and largeness differentiate docking stations from USB-C hubs. The docking station is readily available with many ports and features. A docking station is a helpful setup that turns your ordinary steam deck into a productive and versatile gaming station in a specific spot.
  • Wireless Solutions: Other connectivity options are in line if you want alternatives other than essential charging and data transfer. Cable clutter is a problem that might disrupt your streamlined gaming experience; it can be tackled through Bluetooth accessories such as Bluetooth headphones, controllers, etc. Support of Wi-Fi 6 on our Steam deck can enable you to enjoy streamlined gaming with wireless and fast data transfers and downloads.

Closing Thoughts

USB-C cables are universally standardized, but not every cable is alike. So, when investing in a USB-C cable, one must review the specifications and choose a cord relevant to their needs and preferences. The right USB-C hub for a steam deck is replenished with high-quality materials supporting power delivery and holding fast data transfer speed. With the guideline mentioned above, one can easily purchase a USB-C cable that delivers an exemplary experience with your supported steam deck.

In conclusion, Cheap USB-C cables might be cheap but shall damage your system and data with inadequate data transfer speed and power supply. It is better to purchase a high-quality data transfer USB-C cable to ensure a fast power supply and safe transfers with seamless gaming experiences.

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