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What’s The Difference Between an Ethernet Hub and A Switch

by peng gui 26 Mar 2023
Ethernet Hub

Are you building a network at the office, school, or home? Deciding on an essential hardware component to create a network is an overwhelming responsibility. The individual considers different factors such as expense, reliability, useful life, and performance. These variables are more important when buying an Ethernet hub and switch. Today, we list the differences between the two network hardware devices and what makes them unique.

What Is an Ethernet Hub?

The first part of the Ethernet hub and switch discussion is to learn about the concept. In the beginning, we would like to clarify to our readers that Ethernet routers, Ethernet switches, and hubs are not the same device, even though they are perceived as one.

In layperson’s terms, an Ethernet hub is an efficient device that will transfer data from one device to another. The primary node receives data before transferring it. Therefore, an Ethernet hub is a central point in pairing devices to form a data network.

Each Ethernet hub’s segment is successfully connected to LAN that sends packets to the hub. The device has multiple ports where the packers are received and sent to other ports. Initially, an Ethernet hub communicates information in the form of packets.

Unfortunately, the Ethernet hub does not know where to transfer the packet after receiving it. As a result, it sends the information to all the ports, assuming it reaches the destination successfully. An Ethernet hub is an efficient and straightforward solution for establishing a solid network.

What Is an Ethernet Switch?

On the other hand, an Ethernet switch is a hardware component used in creating networks. It provides multiple ports for all devices within a LAN to communicate perfectly. An Ethernet switch differs from a router as it connects the network to a single LAN or WAN device. Therefore, an Ethernet switch offers a secure organizational structure for communicating information. It also provides connectivity over wired and wireless devices.

An Ethernet switch will connect a wired device such as laptops, routers, servers, and printers to the local area network. In addition, the user can add computers to the web too. An Ethernet switch will offer reliable connectivity and easy access to the devices. Surprisingly, Ethernet hub and switch have similar properties as they offer wired connection through multiple ports.

However, an Ethernet switch will ensure an excellent bandwidth to ports without compromising the network’s connection and performance. As a result, when the devices are connected to the network, they perform better too. Furthermore, individuals also use an Ethernet switch to connect one network to another. Businesses use Ethernet hubs and switch to take advantage of the technology.

Differences Between an Ethernet Hub and a Switch


When you employ an Ethernet hub in the network, you can use the hardware to introduce multiple terminals to exchange information. The device will transfer signals and information to all connected computers. Furthermore, an Ethernet hub can use a MAC address because of its simplistic composition.

Conversely, an Ethernet switch needs a MAC address to access and share information over LAN. It employs a CAM cable to share packets with specific MAC addresses over the local area network. As a result, the internet switch can use multiple addresses and store them too.


Secondly, an Ethernet switch is more expensive than a hub. Furthermore, it is only compatible with computers, so large-scale companies do not use it because it does not work with servers. On the other hand, an Ethernet switch is used by small businesses to enhance and grow their network infrastructure.


The differences between the Ethernet hub and switch also factor in necessity. Without the Ethernet router, our wireless devices will become inoperable. The network hardware uses antennas to share information. However, an Ethernet switch is a less essential part of a network, yet it is still crucial to sharing information.

Benefits of Using an Ethernet Switch over a Hub


The apparent difference is how an Ethernet hub distributes bandwidth in a network. For example, a 10/100 megabits switch will give 200 Mbps to every note. Unfortunately, an Ethernet switch will give maximum bandwidth of 100 Mbps. Therefore, the speed of the network is affected. In addition, the transfer speed decreases if it is attached to a more extensive network.


The Ethernet hub and switch have different duplex modes. Sometimes, the hub will operate at half-duplex, sending or receiving information. In short, the Ethernet switch must complete the first function to initiate the second function. However, an Ethernet switch can send and receive packets at the same time, enhancing its functions.

Sharing speed

A network switch with 10/100 Mbps speed will let the devices reach their full potential. Furthermore, the fiber optic cables will not work with a network hub. Even if they are forcefully incorporated, the transfer speed is lowered. Furthermore, an Ethernet switch is also the perfect option for streaming, video, and audio devices as they require a reliable connection, or the difference in output quality is evident.

Common Uses of an Ethernet Hub and a Switch

Ethernet Hub

An Ethernet hub is a central point in the network which connects all the devices. Furthermore, the Ethernet hub will also segment the LAN. The hardware will exchange information with the terminals through a process known as frame flooding. However, some experts call it unicast too.

The share of information is performed electronically in the form of packets. The devices rely on signals where the data is received by one port and shared with all the ports.

Ethernet switch

An Ethernet switch is crucial to connect servers, computers, and laptops. An Ethernet switch accommodates networks and businesses of all scales. The user can also incorporate multiple switches to improve network activity. The device’s primary use is quickly receiving, processing, and sending data from the source to the specified destination.

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